Buying and Using Prints


All prints are sold through my Smugmug account and are printed professionally by Bay Photo out in Scotts Valley, CA. As I don't want to have to reproduce my entire database on Smugmug, I only make available photos that have specifically been requested for printing. If there is an image you wish to purchase, contact me via the Contact Form and include the UID number (see explanation below) of the image you would like to purchase. I will make the image available on my Smugmug site and send you a link to the purchase page. You will then be able to select size, print material, ink type, etc. for the image you have chosen. Bay Photo will ship your selected print directly to you. :)

Digital Images

If you want to license one of my images for use (or to print on your own) the following prices apply.

Finding the UID Number

The image above represents the information that is posted beneath the right-hand lower corner of each image on this site (when viewed in the single image window). The number that appears after the posted date and the backslash (circled in red in the image above) is the UID number. Use this number to identify requested prints or digital images in your correspondence with me.

*Varies in size, but is generally much larger than the web version.
**Size displayed on this website.